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My Attempt to Make Candy Turkeys


My furniture project is coming along… It needs one or two more coats of paint before I unveil it.  I found this awesome idea to make little turkeys out of candy on pinterest.com. They looked so cute — I had to try to make them myself.  I went to the store today and bought candy corn, Double Stuff Oreos, mint cups (you can use peanut butter cups as well), malt balls (Whoppers), chocolate icing, red icing and white icing.  I didn’t have the image of the inspirational turkey in front of me while I was making these, so you can see they turned out a little different.

Here is the original…


My little guy looks a bit sloppy and the buttercup is positioned incorrectly, but I had fun making them.  And I will enjoy sharing them with family and friends.

I used the chocolate icing to help put the candy corn into the Oreo.  Don’t press too hard or the Oreo will break.  I then assembled the another Oreo with the buttercup and Whopper head.  Once both were dry, I assembled the two Oreos together.

 I decided to cut a tiny bit of the bottom of the feather Oreo to add stability when I glued them together — it may have been easier to do this before I placed on the candy corn. Once these were all dry, I drew on the eyes and placed a nose with the white piece of the candy corn.  I must admit that I enjoyed eating extra bits of cookie and candy as I was assembling them.  Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m making apple pies tomorrow — I will post the outcome.