DIY Camera Strap Cover


I was browsing around for a camera strap.  I wanted something fun and colorful.  The black strap my camera came with was a little boring and blah.  I browsed around Etsy and the web and I couldn’t find anything that suited my style. That’s when I decided to make my own.  I didn’t use a pattern.  I came up with a design all on my own.  I’m actually pretty proud of myself, because it came out beautifully.  This could be a great christmas gift for a friend or family member who loves taking pictures.

Here’s what you’ll need:  Sewing machine, thread to match the fabric, an iron, iron on fabric tape, and 3 different patterns of fabric – 1/4 yard polka-dot, 1/4 yard solid, and 1/4 yard of a fun pattern.

Cut you fabric into four 4 inch strips that are 2 inches longer than the thick part of your camera strap.  Two will be your solid color, one will be polka-dot, and the other will be your print. Turn the fabrics inside out.  Sew your polka-dot strip with a solid strip and your print with a solid strip.  Sew along about 1/4 inch from the edge of the fabric.

Then turn the strips outside out and iron to make the edges crisp.

Now fold the edges in 1/4 to 1/2 an inch (opposite way of the picture below) and sew to close the ends of each strip.

Lay your two pieces out, solid side up, and place on the iron tape.  Make sure there is room for your strap.  You want to be able to slip your cover onto your strap.  Make sure you have room to do so.

Now place the other strip, solid side down and iron the pieces together.

Now that the pieces are glued together, sew 1/4 inch along the long edges of your strap.  This will provide extra support.  Be sure you DO NOT sew the ends.  Now, slip the sleeve onto your strap and you’re done!

About California Girl Today

For a while, I have been thinking about starting a blog. I love to make jewelry, cook, paint, draw, bake, and do just about anything that's crafty. I get inspired by cookbooks, jewelry at department stores, beautiful landscapes, flowers... the list goes on and on. I studied civil engineering at San Diego State University. I know what your thinking... NERD! I thought that engineering might feed my creativity... by designing roads and water channels. As much as engineering is fascinating to me -- those things are not charming or colorful. So to really express my creativity, I decided to start this blog. I want to share with everyone my passion for all things beautiful and all things California.

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